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All the features you need to succeed in the financial markets

Take advantage of simple, comprehensive and powerful features to improve your trading performance in no time.


Optimize Your Tracking Systems

Analytics dashboard

See all your performance at a glance thanks to our indicators, graphs and tracking filters.

Manual & Automated Imports

Instead of using a spreadsheet (Excel…), import your trades automatically to save time. 

Profitability Charts

Instantly see your balance, profits and losses with powerful charts.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Easily add and track your deposits and withdrawals.

Notes & Comments

Add text, images, links and videos to each trade.

Filters by time period

Filter your results with a few clicks and focus on a specific month, week or day.


100% Automated trade syncing for major trading platforms

Auto-import and sync trades with +1600 brokers.
Your data is always under your control.


Analyze Your Results with Precision

Trading journal

A must-have tool. It allows you to deeply track your trades, your trading days, and much more to improve your performance.

Trading calendar

The calendar is the best way to see your winning and losing days at a glance.

Holding time

Compare whether your fastest trades are necessarily the most profitable and improve your performance faster.

Real-time analysis

All your statistics are updated instantly.

Trading KPI's

Track advanced key success indicators like Maximum Drawdown, Expectancy, Avg hold time and 50’s of other key success indicators.

Performance reports

Get an accurate summary of your performance. Monthly, daily and even hourly reports are available.


Do more with your trading

Discover the power of automation to track your portfolios, analyze your results and optimize your performance.

Import your trades automatically

Import your trades automatically to save time. Welcome to trading 2.0.

Historical performance

Depending on your broker, you will be able to automatically import your entire trading history.

Auto-sync trades

Your trades are synchronized and imported automatically.


Reach Your Goals on Autopilot

Compare your strategies

Use Tags to test your strategies so that you can fine tune them to be as effective as possible.

Set up trading goals

Add and track your personal goals and reach them quickly.

Get a trading score

Know your real level, improve it to become a profitable trader.

Profit projection

Find out in one click how much you will earn in the next few days and weeks.

Reliability, simplicity and state-of-the-art security

Proven reliability

So you can access your data whenever you need it, the synchronization works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Powerful Certifications

Our cloud infrastructure is fully ISO 27001 certified and EU RGPD compliant

Secure Data

All exchanges are 100% encrypted and integrated with read-only API keys on brokers’ accounts


We provide you with a service that goes beyond functionality

Our support teams have a real desire to find solutions to our clients’ problems. They play a vital role in going the extra mile to provide you with fast, accurate and professional customer service.

Customer Support

Personalized Assistance

Community Support

And much more...

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