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Connect your trading accounts with FixyTrade integration for XTB

The automated integration of FixyTrade and XTB allows you to track, analyze and optimize your performance in the financial markets like never before.

Your data is imported and synchronized automatically. You no longer waste time manually adding your trades to a trading journal.

By synchronizing your trades with FixyTrade, you will have access to all the tools you need to become a profitable trader in one place.

Do more with XTB and FixyTrade

Import your XTB trades in a few clicks

Get quick access to all your detailed statistics

Never miss crucial information about your performance

View details of your recent transactions such as profits, losses, key performance indicators and more

Connect FixyTrade with XTB



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Data Privacy

When using this integration, it’s up to you to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as FixyTrade’s Terms of Service. Please see the documentation for more information.


🔒 FixyTrade is 100% secure. We don’t store your credentials and we can’t make transactions on your accounts.