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Reach Your Goals on Autopilot

Easily identify areas for improvement. Increase your winning trades and reduce your losing trades by at least 30%.

More winning trades, more profits, faster

Compare your strategies
Use Tags to test and compare your strategies so that you can fine tune them to be as effective as possible.
Set up trading goals
Add and track your personal goals and reach them quickly.
Get a trading score
Know your real level, improve it to become a profitable trader.
Profit projection
Find out in one click how much you will earn in the next few days and weeks.

Olivier P, Long Term Investor

“It’s night and day. Before, I had no idea how to improve my performance. Thanks to FixyTrade, this is now a thing of the past.”

Mickael R, Day Trader

“FixyTrade is an indispensable tool to stop investing blindly. I made the subscription profitable in the first month. Thank you!”

Why optimizing your performance is easier with FixyTrade

Test endlessly and find your ideal strategy

Use tags to compare your strategies or whatever you want, then use the tag report to quickly see what works best and worst.

Optimize your risk management

Gain %, loss %, your broker’s fees and more. All the must-have features are included in FixyTrade to ensure your success.

“What I like about FixyTrade is that everything is simple. I was able to easily cut my losses by optimizing my risk management. I am much more relaxed now.”

Charles P. – Day Trader

Reduce your losses and cash in more profits

Set your goals to achieve and discover the potential of your strategies through profit projection.


“I couldn’t invest in financial markets without FixyTrade. This tool has allowed me to refine my Crypto strategy and focus on what works.”

Matthew, Crypto Investor


Take your performance to the next level

Improve your performance faster with FixyTrade.


A/B test your strategies to fine-tune them to be as effective as possible


Add and track your personal goals to reach them as quickly as possible


Find out if your investment strategy is profitable or not, and how to improve it to become profitable

Advanced Analytics

Find out what works best at a glance, focus on what makes you money to find the perfect strategy.

Easy Journaling

Automatically sync all your accounts or add your trades by hand. You’re in control.


Earn more money today