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The Leading Trading Analytics Platform

The best traders use FixyTrade to measure, understand, and grow their trading revenue.

Integrates with all your favorite brokers and trading platforms


The All-in-one Trading Journal to Track, Analyze and Reach your Trading Goals

If you’re investing in the financial markets, you need more than a strategy. You need a simple way to find the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy to stop repeating the same mistakes in order to become profitable as quickly as possible.
That’s why we built FixyTrade.

Optimize Your Tracking Systems

Before, when you wanted to track your trades, you would have to use a spreadsheet. But now, you can use FixyTrade to add trades automatically without needing to think about calculations. Do you see how easy that is?

Analytics dashboard

Manual & automated imports

Profitability charts

Deposit & withdrawals

Notes & comments

Filter by time period

Analyze Your Results with Precision

Before, when you wanted to analyze your results precisely, you would have to use your trading platform statistics. But now, you can use FixyTrade to view all trade history without using formulas that are not designed specifically for traders.

Trading journal

Trading calendar

Holding time

Real-time analysis

Trading KPI's

Performance reports

Reach Your Goals on Autopilot

Before, when you wanted to reach your trading goals, you would have to do it blindly. But now, you can use FixyTrade to keep you accountable to your goals without missing out on consistent earnings.

Compare your strategies

Set up trading goals

Get a trading score

Profit Projection

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Benoit Q, Beginner trader

“This is by far the best tool I have found for successful trading. I highly recommend that you start with FixyTrade.”

William M, Advanced trader

“FixyTrade doubled the number of winning trades instantly. And now I trade a lot less while earning more because I know what works.”


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